One reason why I love what I do are the people I have the opportunity to work with and serve. I am always grateful for their kind words. Below are what a few of our clients and colleagues have had to say over the years.

“Excellent work . I have worked with different architects for years and have never run across someone like Patrick. Very professional and very meticulous. I can’t say enough good things about him.
Thank you again Patrick”!

Carlos & Maria M.

“Because of our location we were never able to meet Patrick in person. Still, he read through the home owners design requirements, listened to what we wanted and designed our vacation home exactly like we wanted on the first round. Patrick is easy to communicate with and makes requested changes quickly. I would use Patrick again and would recommend him to anyone”.

Michael & Jennifer S.

“This is the second time we've worked with Patrick and he will undoubtedly continue to be our go-to for future projects. The plans Patrick provided us are first rate. It's a pleasure to work with him, readily providing guidance gleaned from his wealth of knowledge and experience. Well beyond providing the exceptional drawings, he helped me to understand decisions that would need to be made, their implications and the potential obstacles I might encounter with permitting and the like; as well as initiating contact with other key players in the process (engineers, etc.). We've learned that the smallest of projects can be very daunting for those -like myself- unfamiliar with the industry workings, and Patrick proved to be a most valuable asset”.

Chris & Colleen Y. - Owners

“As a remodeling contractor I am asked to modify or expand all types and all ages of existing structures. Patrick is an expert at figuring out the best way to do this. He has to anticipate the engineering and code requirements so that the plans he draws will be stamped by the engineer and approved by the local jurisdiction. This is not easy and requires a lot of experience. Patrick's drawings are efficient, straight-forward and are stamped and approved on the first try every time. In addition to his competence he is a good man, nice to work with, patient, thoughtful and a true partner. I am proud to have him on my team. The only reason I give him 5 stars is because there are not 6”.

Patrick Richardson - Owner, Murry Hill Remodeling Co.

"We wanted a designer with vision, expertise, integrity and excellent communication skills. We interviewed top architects and selected Patrick with complete confidence. Simply put, he is unfailingly competent, completely trustworthy and has been a joy to work with in a process that necessitated every single one of the above cited skills.

Patrick's wide range of experience and attention to detail is an extraordinary combination. He incorporates global vision as to the whole project concurrently attuned to details and our expressed preferences. We are deeply grateful and every step of this building process reflects and reaffirms our choice of this outstanding designer".

Dr. Kimra J. & Dr. Denise D. - Owners

“It’s hard to say in just a few sentences how happy we are with what Patrick has done for us, other than to just say we are extremely happy. Yes, he has all the skills you would want in a good designer like artistic, stylish, organized, prompt, professional, courteous, attentive, etc., but there was also something else that’s not so easy to put into words. It was his sense of knowing how to transform our dreams into reality. Right from the beginning, he just seemed to get what we were looking for, and within a few weeks, his preliminary plans proved that to be true.

The project itself went perfectly. We took advantage of Patrick’s plan runner service and he handled all matters with the city permitting process. That was money very wisely spent! Once everything was signed off, he worked directly with our builder and the two of them made the construction seem almost effortless. During that time, he called just about every week, checking if we had questions or concerns. Knowing that Patrick was paying attention to all the little details really gave us a sense of calmness not always common with first-time home-builders like us.

We have lived in the house for a year now (sorry it took so long for us to write this), and still get up every day happier with the house than the day before. There is no doubt that Patrick was a huge part of making our dreams come true, and for that, we will always be thankful to him.”

Scott H. & Kristen T. - Owners

“When we met Patrick, we immediately knew that we had found the person who had the ideas, the plan, the expertise and the personality that would make our project “come alive”. Over time, this assessment has proved to be absolutely correct. He’s very knowledgeable, organized, kept us informed and met the required deadlines – often giving us the necessary nudge. Even after fulfilling his part, he has remained in contact, offered valuable assistance and played a dominant role in successfully completing the project.

Mary S. – Owner & son – Robert S.

“Patrick has designed, what has been called by many (including the West Coast editor of Better Homes & Gardens), the most spectacular house on the West Coast for us. Located in Lincoln City, OR, it is spectacularly designed to get the best views of the ocean and we love it.

We were very fortunate to find Patrick as our home designer. We very highly recommend him.”

Gordon & Susan W. - Owners

“Patrick is one of those rare designers who not only has vision, expertise, and experience, but he displays something even more important to anyone building a custom home. Most designers only see their own ideas and just want to sell you their plans. Patrick has the ability to see your ideas and understands that each project has constraints from engineering needs to budgets that all need to work together. That's why after being a custom home builder for almost 20 years, I chose Patrick Schmitt to design my personal home.”

“Thanks Patrick, my wife loves it!”

Randy Reeve - President, American Heritage Homes

“When working with Patrick, you can expect nothing but the best. From his unique plan style to his ability to adapt any plan to fit the clients taste. Patrick takes a true interest in each and every project, following it through until the end. I would recommend Patrick Schmitt to anyone looking for a variety of livable and unique plans, as well as, a designer with your best interests at heart.”

Tracy Schmitt - President, Lakeside Custom Homes

“We engaged Mr. Schmitt in November 2006, outlining for him our ideas for a dream house on rural property which has been in the Pubols family for nearly 100 years. From then until the final plans were completed in September 2007, Mr. Schmitt worked diligently to provide house plans, undertaking several revisions as our ideas evolved. His activities included working with a consulting engineer, visiting the building site and accompanying us to a meeting with the Washington County authorities. In all cases, he has shown a high level of professionalism. He has been friendly, open to our often changing thoughts on what we really wanted and displayed a good sense of humor throughout. As clients, we recommend him highly.”

Ben & Lillian P. – Owners

“Patrick and I have worked on several outstanding projects together. He is a talented designer who is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of residential design and construction. Patrick provides exceptional organization and planning skills with a strong focus on customer service, something I value highly. His final plan sets are very well prepared... they save me time and my clients’ valuable dollars.

I would highly recommend Patrick for all of your design, planning, and project consulting needs.”

Patrick Huske - President, Ironwood Homes Inc.

Patrick Schmitt, designer Inc. has been very easy to work with on the professional side of the design. At Froelich Engineers we work with Patrick and provide structural engineering for his designs. Patrick is organized and keeps his clients in the loop throughout the design and engineering process. Patrick produces a clear and very complete set of plans that incorporate all architectural and structural aspects of the house. Patrick’s plans provide all the information contractors will need to build a structurally sound house with all the desired architectural features. As professionals we enjoy working with Patrick on his projects.

Brandon Luzier, SE – Froelich Consulting Engineers

I can confidently and happily refer Patrick for any design job to any client.

I've known Patrick for several years, through our committee work at the Home Builders Association of Portland, so I've seen his work from a distance and had the good fortune to work with him on several projects.

Some projects were for my clients, and some were for my own development jobs. The work ranged from remodels and additions to complete new home design.

On every job, Patrick is calm, collected and thorough, a nice demeanor in a crazy industry! Patrick has a sense of humor, as well, and approaches each project with an eye toward teamwork, willing to collaborate with all to produce the best product.

Patrick also explains the process well, sets realistic expectations and understand the building process to the point that he can help value engineer new home construction, saving clients and builders time and money. His plans are clean, readable and complete.

Thanks for a great working relationship, Patrick!

Mike Arnett - President, Lifestyle Homes

Patrick prepared the design of our recently completed new home. He was excellent to work with, communicated well and provided creativity, excellent aesthetic concepts and an awareness of our budget. We recommend him highly as a home designer to other potential customers.

David & Pearl E. – Owners

Patrick is a great person to work with and is very attentive to his customers' needs. He has been working with us for over a year to design our new dream home, and has tolerated a lot of changes and uncertainties from us over this project. It is coming together nicely and we are very pleased with his work.

Jim C. & Michele T. – Owners

“Patrick Schmitt has been one of our favorite clients and collaborators going back to his Claremont days. He has been a leader in the use of CAD in home design and has helped us many times with our own office system. His houses are carefully detailed and our structural components are integrated with good understanding. As a result, he has good relationships with sophisticated permitting agencies like the City of Portland and Washington County.”

John W. Parkin, PE – Parkin Engineering, Inc.